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I started building the Birra Collesi business in 2005. In November 2007, I brewed my first beer and in March of 2008, I started commercializing it. And as for the grappa, I didn’t have to wait long before the many national and international prizes started coming in.

The reasons for this success? As for the spirits, I’ve always tried to do my best in terms of a unique sensory experience that would express the link between land and tradition. A link that also shines through in our family crest, which I wanted to print on both our spirits and our Collesi Craft Beers. The crest was created in 1870 by my great-great-grandfather, and first mayor of Apecchio, just after the Italian unification. It has a tower, which symbolizes our village, surrounded by three stars, which have certainly brought me luck.”

Giuseppe Collesi

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