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For over 150 years and through 5 generations of the Fabianelli family, the group has maintained its passion and devotion to traditional pasta making methods. In 1860 they began producing handmade pasta with the finest Tuscan durum wheat in a small lab in Castiglion Fiorentino, the heart of Valdichiana. In this small industrial area alongside the railway, Fabianelli made its break. The current production capacity is 1000 tonnes of fine pasta per day. The pasta Fabianelli produces conjures up the scents of Tuscany with its strong and distinguishable style and the unique and fragrant flavour of a tradition that can only be described an art.

Pasta Fabianelli is daily produced, when the long grains of wheat, carefully sorted, meets the purest water. A manufacturing process where tradition, modernity and technology combine with strict controls, passion and attention to the details.

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